Happy Times

Here is the one, precious photo of our son, his dad and me at my son’s college graduation.

Yes, my son’s eyes are squeezed shut. Yes, that’s typical for him. Ever since he was a tiny boy he’d hear, “one, two, three” and reflexively blink.

Oh, well. And who cares? Here we are in the great state of West Virginia, where Zach has spent four and a half years at Marshall University earning the right to wear that cap and gown. His dad and I are proud. HE’S proud.

I knew my scarves were fun. I didn't know they could be a source of strength.

"Aloha Jade, here are pics from before she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer till now. She said she is still learning how to tie the scarves. The American Cancer Society offers classes and services for so many things and how to tie the scarves in various ways is one of them. Gina said the scarves are so soft and beautifully colorful that it makes her happy! Thank you again❤"

Always Remember

It was personal. My father, Harold, was 8 years old at the time. He and his family lived in Kalihi.
“I was at home, standing on the garage roof, watching the planes," he remembers. "I couldn’t really see what was happening at the harbor, but I saw the planes in the sky. One flew right over us. And my father came running out, yelling, ‘Come down, come down!’ He made everybody, all four of us kids, go under the bed because it was announced that they were bombing Pearl Harbor." READ MORE

Peace on this day

You know what works for your own parents and siblings. Their opinions may sadden or anger us, but in the long run does it matter?

Tell me, if you saw your brother drowning in the ocean would you say to yourself, ‘Hmm, maybe I won’t save him because he voted for Trump?”

If your mom needed help, would you say to her, “No, mom, you don’t deserve it because you voted for Clinton?”

Come on, now. Take a breath and behave like a grown up. Go to Thanksgiving dinner with the family and enjoy the feast... Read more...